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The complete mitochondrial genome sequence of the Canada goose (Branta canadensis)


The Canada goose (Branta canadensis) entire mitochondrial genome of a bird from Western Pennsylvania has 16,760 bp (GenBank accession number NC 007011) and has been analyzed for gene locations, length, start codon and stop codons. This genome from a bird harvested during the non-migratory season is the REFSEQ and the haplotype is designated GCC-A. There are two rRNAs, 22 tRNAs, 13 protein-coding regions, and 1 displacement loop region. The base composition of mtDNA was A (30.2%), G (15.1%), C (32.1%), and T (22.6%), so the percentage of A and T (52.8%) was slightly higher than G and C. All genes except ND6 and eight tRNA genes (Gln, Ala, Asn, Cys, Tyr, Ser, Pro and Glu) are encoded on the heavy strand. The gene arrangement is the same as most birds and differs from mammals by an inversion of the mtDNA at the connection between the D-loop and the ND5 junctions.

Type Journal
ISBN 1940-1744 (Electronic) 1940-1736 (Linking)
Authors Snyder, J. C.; Mackaness, C. A.; Sopher, M. R.; Huber, J. P.; Disantis, E. J.; Senecal, A. J.; Vaughn, B. P.; Desantis, R. S.; Tobelmann, P. E.; Balauff, N. M.; Barry, P. M.; Show, M. D.; Speering, L. H.; Genareo, C. A.; Brenner, F. J.; Ray, D. B.;
Publisher Name Mitochondrial DNA
Published Date 2015-01-01
Published Volume 26
Published Issue 5
Published Pages 672-3
Status Published in-print
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