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Tobacco Control and Tobacco Cessation in Lung Cancer-Too Little, Too Late?


The lung cancer epidemic of the twentieth century grew out of increasing tobacco consumption in the first half of that century. Tobacco control policies have been instituted in many high-income countries since the mid-1960s. Since then smoking rates have declined in these countries, particularly in men where lung cancer rates have stabilized. Tobacco control measures are not strong enough in many countries around the world, particularly low and middle income countries in Eastern Europe and Asia. In these countries, smoking rates and lung cancer rates remain high. Tobacco cessation is more successful in countries with stronger tobacco control and confers quality of life and survival benefits in smokers including lung cancer patients. A significant degree of stigma surrounds the diagnosis of lung cancer which is often considered

Type Journal
ISBN 1098-9048 (Electronic) 1069-3424 (Linking)
Authors Stone, E.; Vachani, A.;
Published Date 2016-10-01 00:00:00
Published Volume 37
Published Issue 5
Published Pages 649-658
Status Published in-print