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Synergistic cooperation and crosstalk between MYD88L265P and mutations that dysregulate CD79B and surface IgM


CD79B and MYD88 mutations are frequently and simultaneously detected in B cell malignancies. It is not known if these mutations cooperate or how crosstalk occurs. Here we analyze the consequences of CD79B and MYD88L265P mutations individually and combined in normal activated mouse B lymphocytes. CD79B mutations alone increased surface IgM but did not enhance B cell survival, proliferation, or altered NF-kappaB responsive markers. Conversely, B cells expressing MYD88L265P decreased surface IgM coupled with accumulation of endoglycosidase H-sensitive IgM intracellularly, resembling the trafficking block in anergic B cells repeatedly stimulated by self-antigen. Mutation or overexpression of CD79B counteracted the effect of MYD88L265P In B cells chronically stimulated by self-antigen, CD79B and MYD88L265P mutations in combination, but not individually, blocked peripheral deletion and triggered differentiation into autoantibody secreting plasmablasts. These results reveal that CD79B and surface IgM constitute a rate-limiting checkpoint against B cell dysregulation by MYD88L265P and provide an explanation for the co-occurrence of MYD88 and CD79B mutations in lymphomas.

Type Journal
ISBN 1540-9538 (Electronic) 0022-1007 (Linking)
Authors Wang, J. Q.; Jeelall, Y. S.; Humburg, P.; Batchelor, E. L.; Kaya, S. M.; Yoo, H. M.; Goodnow, C. C.; Horikawa, K.
Responsible Garvan Author Prof Christopher Goodnow
Publisher Name Scientific Reports
Published Date 2017-09-04
Published Volume 214
Published Issue 9
Published Pages 2759-2776
Status Published in-print
DOI 10.1084/jem.20161454
URL link to publisher's version