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Annexin A6-A multifunctional scaffold in cell motility


Annexin A6 (AnxA6) belongs to a highly conserved protein family characterized by their calcium (Ca2+) -dependent binding to phospholipids. Over the years, immunohistochemistry, subcellular fractionations, and live cell microscopy established that AnxA6 is predominantly found at the plasma membrane and endosomal compartments. In these locations, AnxA6 acts as a multifunctional scaffold protein, recruiting signaling proteins, modulating cholesterol and membrane transport and influencing actin dynamics. These activities enable AnxA6 to contribute to the formation of multifactorial protein complexes and membrane domains relevant in signal transduction, cholesterol homeostasis and endo-/exocytic membrane transport. Hence, AnxA6 has been implicated in many biological processes, including cell proliferation, survival, differentiation, inflammation, but also membrane repair and viral infection. More recently, we and others identified roles for AnxA6 in cancer cell migration and invasion. This review will discuss how the multiple scaffold functions may enable AnxA6 to modulate migratory cell behavior in health and disease.

Type Journal
ISBN 1933-6926 (Electronic) 1933-6918 (Linking)
Authors Grewal, T.; Hoque, M.; Conway, J. R.; Reverter, M.; Wahba, M.; Beevi, S. S.; Timpson, P.; Enrich, C.; Rentero, C.
Responsible Garvan Author Prof Paul Timpson
Publisher Name Cell Adhesion & Migration
Published Date 2017-05-04
Published Volume 11
Published Issue 3
Published Pages 288-304
Status Published in-print
DOI 10.1080/19336918.2016.1268318
URL link to publisher's version