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Adipocyte-tumor cell metabolic crosstalk in breast cancer


The tumor stroma is a heterogeneous ecosystem comprising matrix, fibroblasts, and immune cells and has an important role in cancer progression. Adipocytes constitute a major component of breast stroma, and significant emerging evidence demonstrates a reciprocal metabolic adaptation between stromal adipocytes and breast cancer (BC) cells. Recent observations promote a model where adipocytes respond to cancer cell-derived endocrine and paracrine signaling to provide metabolic substrates, which in turn drive enhanced cancer cell proliferation, invasion, and treatment resistance. Further defining the mechanisms that underpin this dynamic interaction between stromal adipocytes and BC cells, especially in the context of obesity, may identify novel therapeutic strategies. These will become increasingly important in addressing the clinical challenges presented by obesity and metabolic syndromes.

Type Journal
ISBN 1471-499X (Electronic) 1471-4914 (Linking)
Authors Hoy, A. J.; Balaban, S.; Saunders, D. N.
Published Date 2017-05-31
Published Volume 23
Published Issue 5
Published Pages 381-392
Status Published in-print
DOI 10.1016/j.molmed.2017.02.009
URL link to publisher's version