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RNA-seq reveals more consistent reference genes for gene expression studies in human non-melanoma skin cancers


Identification of appropriate reference genes (RGs) is critical to accurate data interpretation in quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) experiments. In this study, we have utilised next generation RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) to analyse the transcriptome of a panel of non-melanoma skin cancer lesions, identifying genes that are consistently expressed across all samples. Genes encoding ribosomal proteins were amongst the most stable in this dataset. Validation of this RNA-seq data was examined using qPCR to confirm the suitability of a set of highly stable genes for use as qPCR RGs. These genes will provide a valuable resource for the normalisation of qPCR data for the analysis of non-melanoma skin cancer.

Type Journal
ISBN 2167-8359 (Print)
Authors Hoang, V. L. T.; Tom, L. N.; Quek, X. C.; Tan, J. M.; Payne, E. J.; Lin, L. L.; Sinnya, S.; Raphael, A. P.; Lambie, D.; Frazer, I. H.; Dinger, M. E.; Soyer, H. P.; Prow, T. W.
Publisher Name PeerJ
Published Date 2017-08-21
Published Volume 5
Published Pages e3631
Status Published in-print
DOI 10.7717/peerj.3631
URL link to publisher's version