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Method for voluntary oral administration of drugs in mice


Substances are commonly administered orally in mouse experiments. Here, I describe how to voluntarily administer substances orally in a time- and dose-controlled manner to laboratory mice. This minimizes injury potential and stress often associated with the commonly used intragastric gavage technique. Here, the drug is incorporated into artificially sweetened and flavored jelly and given to mice previously trained to eat the jelly. This can be used for acute and chronic oral drug treatment or for oral glucose tolerance tests. For complete details on the use and execution of this protocol, please refer to Zhang et al. (2010) and Cox et al. (2010).

Type Journal
ISBN 2666-1667 (Electronic) 2666-1667 (Linking)
Authors Zhang, L.
Responsible Garvan Author Dr Lei Zhang
Publisher Name STAR Protocols
Published Date 2021-02-28
Published Volume 2
Published Issue 1
Published Pages 100330
Status Published in-print
DOI 10.1016/j.xpro.2021.100330
URL link to publisher's version