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Personalized Medicine for Neuroblastoma: Moving from Static Genotypes to Dynamic Simulations of Drug Response


High-risk neuroblastoma is an aggressive childhood cancer that is characterized by high rates of chemoresistance and frequent metastatic relapse. A number of studies have characterized the genetic and epigenetic landscape of neuroblastoma, but due to a generally low mutational burden and paucity of actionable mutations, there are few options for applying a comprehensive personalized medicine approach through the use of targeted therapies. Therefore, the use of multi-agent chemotherapy remains the current standard of care for neuroblastoma, which also conceptually limits the opportunities for developing an effective and widely applicable personalized medicine approach for this disease. However, in this review we outline potential approaches for tailoring the use of chemotherapy agents to the specific molecular characteristics of individual tumours by performing patient-specific simulations of drug-induced apoptotic signalling. By incorporating multiple layers of information about tumour-specific aberrations, including expression as well as mutation data, these models have the potential to rationalize the selection of chemotherapeutics contained within multi-agent treatment regimens and ensure the optimum response is achieved for each individual patient.

Type Journal
ISBN 2075-4426 (Print) 2075-4426 (Linking)
Authors Han, J. Z. R.; Hastings, J. F.; Phimmachanh, M.; Fey, D.; Kolch, W.; Croucher, D. R.
Publisher Name Journal of Personalized Medicine
Published Date 2021-05-31
Published Volume 11
Published Issue 5
Status Published in-print
DOI 10.3390/jpm11050395
URL link to publisher's version