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Targeting Lysyl Oxidase Family Meditated Matrix Cross-Linking as an Anti-Stromal Therapy in Solid Tumours


The lysyl oxidase (LOX) family of enzymes are a major driver in the biogenesis of desmoplastic matrix at the primary tumour and secondary metastatic sites. With the increasing interest in and development of anti-stromal therapies aimed at improving clinical outcomes of cancer patients, the Lox family has emerged as a potentially powerful clinical target. This review examines how lysyl oxidase family dysregulation in solid cancers contributes to disease progression and poor patient outcomes, as well as an evaluation of the preclinical landscape of LOX family targeting therapeutics. We also discuss the suitability of the LOX family as a diagnostic and/or prognostic marker in solid tumours.

Type Journal
ISBN 2072-6694 (Print) 2072-6694 (Linking)
Authors Setargew, Y. F. I.; Wyllie, K.; Grant, R. D.; Chitty, J. L.; Cox, T. R.
Publisher Name Cancers
Published Date 2021-01-31
Published Volume 13
Published Issue 3
Status Published in-print
DOI 10.3390/cancers13030491
URL link to publisher's version