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Towards precision medicine for clinically non-functioning pituitary tumours


OBJECTIVE: Clinically non-functioning pituitary tumours (NFPT) are a heterogenous group of neoplasms with diverse outcomes. The purpose of this narrative review was to summarize available data on predictive factors, both in routine practice and research settings. DESIGN: A literature review was conducted for papers published in peer-reviewed journals, investigating clinical, radiological, pathological and genetic predictive factors in NFPT. RESULTS: Several clinical and radiological factors have been associated with NFPT recurrence and/or aggressiveness, including larger size and pre-/post-operative growth rates. Application of transcription factor immunohistochemistry has given rise to improved subtype identification, including 'higher-risk' subtypes, in routine clinical practice. Numerous other pathological and genetic biomarkers have demonstrated promise for prognostication in the research setting. CONCLUSION: NFPT are a heterogenous group of tumours, characterized by diverse presentation, pathogenesis and outcomes. Ongoing refinements in understanding of tumour biology are likely to pave the way to improved integrative prognostication and precision medicine for NFPT.

Type Journal
ISBN 1365-2265 (Electronic) 0300-0664 (Linking)
Authors Lenders, N. F.; Inder, W. J.; McCormack, A. I.
Responsible Garvan Author Dr Ann McCormack
Published Date 2021-09-30
Published Volume 95
Published Issue 3
Published Pages 398-409
Status Published in-print
DOI 10.1111/cen.14472
URL link to publisher's version