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Case Report: Paclitaxel-Induced Pneumonitis in Early Breast Cancer: A Single Institution Experience and Review


Taxane-based chemotherapy regimens are in widespread use as standard of care treatment for patients with early breast cancer, though rarely its use can be complicated by taxane-induced pneumonitis (TIP). While breast cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in women worldwide, TIP remains under-described in this setting. Key questions relate to its incidence, diagnosis and management, potential predictive biomarkers, and the balance between this life-threatening toxicity and curatively intended treatment. At a single Australian institution, 6 cases of TIP are identified among 132 patients treated with a paclitaxel-containing regimen for early breast cancer (4.55%, 95% confidence interval 1.69-9.63%). This review first outlines the presentation, management, and outcomes for these cases, then answers these questions and proposes an approach to suspected TIP in patients with breast cancer.

Type Journal
ISBN 2234-943X (Print) 2234-943X (Linking)
Authors Ardolino, L.; Lau, B.; Wilson, I.; Chen, J.; Borella, L.; Stone, E.; Lim, E.
Publisher Name Frontiers in Oncology
Published Date 2021-06-30
Published Volume 11
Published Pages 701424
Status Published in-print
DOI 10.3389/fonc.2021.701424
URL link to publisher's version