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Quantifying and visualising the nuances of cellular dynamics in vivo using intravital imaging


Intravital imaging is a powerful technology used to quantify and track dynamic changes in live cells and tissues within an intact environment. The ability to watch cell biology in real-time 'as it happens' has provided novel insight into tissue homeostasis, as well as disease initiation, progression and response to treatment. In this minireview, we highlight recent advances in the field of intravital microscopy, touching upon advances in awake versus anaesthesia-based approaches, as well as the integration of biosensors into intravital imaging. We also discuss current challenges that, in our opinion, need to be overcome to further advance the field of intravital imaging at the single-cell, subcellular and molecular resolution to reveal nuances of cell behaviour that can be targeted in complex disease settings.

Type Journal
ISBN 1879-0410 (Electronic) 0955-0674 (Linking)
Authors Murphy, K. J.; Reed, D. A.; Trpceski, M.; Herrmann, D.; Timpson, P.
Published Date 2021-10-31
Published Volume 72
Published Pages 41-53
Status Published in-print
DOI 10.1016/
URL link to publisher's version