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General practitioners' views on genomics, practice and education: A qualitative interview study


BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Genomics is moving rapidly into mainstream medicine through clinical genomic testing and consumer-initiated online DNA testing. The aim of this study was to identify Australian general practitioners' (GPs') views on genomics, impact on practice and educational needs to inform continuing education. METHOD: Semi-structured interviews were conducted, with constant comparative inductive analysis and governance from a national taskforce. RESULTS: Twenty-eight GPs (43% female) were interviewed; 71% worked in a metropolitan workplace. Most initially reported little experience with genetic/genomic tests but, when prompted, recognised encountering genomics, mainly non-invasive prenatal and single-gene tests. Many GPs referred patients for cancer screening to genetic services or specialists. GPs reported needing continuing education and resources, with preferences underpinned by relevance to practice. DISCUSSION: GPs are integrating genomic testing into care, mainly through prenatal screening, and anticipate further impact. They want diverse and context-dependent education but are unaware of some available resources, such as The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners' Genomics in general practice guideline.

Type Journal
ISBN 2208-7958 (Electronic)
Authors Cusack, M. B.; Hickerton, C.; Nisselle, A.; McClaren, B.; Terrill, B.; Gaff, C.; Dunlop, K.; Metcalfe, S.
Publisher Name Australian Journal of General Practice
Published Date 2021-10-31
Published Volume 50
Published Issue 10
Published Pages 747-752
Status Published in-print
DOI 10.31128/AJGP-05-20-5448
URL link to publisher's version