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Nicotinamide Adenine Nucleotide-The Fountain of Youth to Prevent Oocyte Aging?


According to the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM), new clinical trials of an anti-aging oral treatment using nicotinamide adenine nucleotide are planned for 2022. All over the globe, the discovery of the fountain of youth is still a great goal to reach, not only among aging researchers, since people desire to stay longer healthy and feel young when reaching old age. Since the 1960s, women delaying pregnancy to pursue higher educational levels and a career path has contributed to drastically diminished overall female fertility rates (e.g., number of born offspring/woman). Consequently, a growing number of advanced-aged women depend on assisted reproductive technologies (ART) to become pregnant. In 2019, the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology reported 293,672 cycles for oocyte retrieval. This change of demographics influenced women's age of having their first child, which has increased significantly. However, their reproductive tract shows hallmarks of aging very early in life without an effective preventive treatment. Therefore, we will present whether NAD+ could help to prevent oocyte aging.

Type Letter
ISBN 2073-4409 (Electronic) 2073-4409 (Linking)
Authors Kordowitzki, P.; Ho, W. J.; Listijono, D. R.
Publisher Name Cells
Published Date 2021-09-30
Published Volume 10
Published Issue 9
Published Pages 2441
Status Published in-print
DOI 10.3390/cells10092441
URL link to publisher's version