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From Research to the Real World: Moving Prostate Cancer Biomarkers into the Clinic


Effective biomarkers provide the potential to significantly improve treatment decisions and outcomes in prostate cancer patients. While the literature is inundated with prostate cancer biomarkers in the early phases of testing, very few reach the clinic. Research should be focused on progressing effective biomarkers from discovery to clinical utility and implementation. Presented here is an overview of the biomarker development pathway and a discussion of the current issues impeding our efforts to deliver biomarkers that improve clinical outcomes in men with prostate cancer.

Type Journal
ISBN 0893-9675 (Print) 0893-9675 (Linking)
Authors Mahon, K.
Publisher Name Critical Reviews in Oncogenesis
Published Date 2022-10-31
Published Volume 27
Published Issue 1
Published Pages 109-119
Status Published in-print
DOI 10.1615/CritRevOncog.2022043394
URL link to publisher's version