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The Australian Reproductive Genetic Carrier Screening Project (Mackenzie's Mission): Design and Implementation


Reproductive genetic carrier screening (RGCS) provides people with information about their chance of having children with autosomal recessive or X-linked genetic conditions, enabling informed reproductive decision-making. RGCS is recommended to be offered to all couples during preconception or in early pregnancy. However, cost and a lack of awareness may prevent access. To address this, the Australian Government funded Mackenzie's Mission-the Australian Reproductive Genetic Carrier Screening Project. Mackenzie's Mission aims to assess the acceptability and feasibility of an easily accessible RGCS program, provided free of charge to the participant. In study Phase 1, implementation needs were mapped, and key study elements were developed. In Phase 2, RGCS is being offered by healthcare providers educated by the study team. Reproductive couples who provide consent are screened for over 1200 genes associated with >750 serious, childhood-onset genetic conditions. Those with an increased chance result are provided comprehensive genetic counseling support. Reproductive couples, recruiting healthcare providers, and study team members are also invited to complete surveys and/or interviews. In Phase 3, a mixed-methods analysis will be undertaken to assess the program outcomes, psychosocial implications and implementation considerations alongside an ongoing bioethical analysis and a health economic evaluation. Findings will inform the implementation of an ethically robust RGCS program.

Type Journal
ISBN 2075-4426 (Print) 2075-4426 (Electronic) 2075-4426 (Linking)
Authors Archibald, A. D.; McClaren, B. J.; Caruana, J.; Tutty, E.; King, E. A.; Halliday, J. L.; Best, S.; Kanga-Parabia, A.; Bennetts, B. H.; Cliffe, C. C.; Madelli, E. O.; Ho, G.; Liebelt, J.; Long, J. C.; Braithwaite, J.; Kennedy, J.; Massie, J.; Emery, J. D.; McGaughran, J.; Marum, J. E.; Boggs, K.; Barlow-Stewart, K.; Burnett, L.; Dive, L.; Freeman, L.; Davis, M. R.; Downes, M. J.; Wallis, M.; Ferrie, M. M.; Pachter, N.; Scuffham, P. A.; Casella, R.; Allcock, R. J. N.; Ong, R.; Edwards, S.; Righetti, S.; Lunke, S.; Lewis, S.; Walker, S. P.; Boughtwood, T. F.; Hardy, T.; Newson, A. J.; Kirk, E. P.; Laing, N. G.; Delatycki, M. B.; The Mackenzie's Mission Study, Team
Publisher Name Journal of Personalized Medicine
Published Date 2022-10-28
Published Volume 12
Published Issue 11
Status Published in-print
DOI 10.3390/jpm12111781
URL link to publisher's version