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Postprandial triglycerides in response to high fat: role of dietary carbohydrate


BACKGROUND: The postprandial triglyceride response following a meal high in fat (HFM) has been related to atherogenesis and insulin resistance. We examined the influence of dietary carbohydrate and the accompanying insulin secretory response on the postprandial triglyceride response following a HFM. MATERIALS AND DESIGN: High-fat meals of equal fat content (fat 80 g) containing either 20 g (low) or 100 g (high) of carbohydrate (HFM-LC and HFM-HC, respectively), and therefore not isocaloric (4250 kJ of HFM-LC and 5450 kJ of HFM-HC), were consumed by seven (four male, three female) normolipidaemic subjects (aged 32.9 +/- 3.7 years, BMI 24.7 +/- 1.8 kg m-2). Blood and indirect calorimetry data were collected at 0-4 h. RESULTS: HFM-HC produced a significant rise in plasma glucose (Delta0.54 +/- 0.23 mmol L-1, P = 0.05) at 2 h, while a HFM-LC elicited no mean change from baseline. Following a HFM-LC, the plasma insulin incremental area under the curve (AUC) was significantly lower (31.3 +/- 6.7 vs. 83.2 +/- 11.9 mU l-1 h-1, P < 0.0003) and the postprandial triglyceride response AUC was significantly greater (1.66 +/- 0.36 vs. 1.24 +/- 0.31 mmol L-1 h-1, P < 0.006) compared with a HFM-HC. Plasma free fatty acids were suppressed by 44% (P = 0.04) and 66% (P < 0.0001) at 1 h following HFM-LC and HFM-HC, respectively, compared with baseline. There were no significant differences between the meals in energy expenditure, substrate oxidation rates, or respiratory quotient responses. CONCLUSIONS: By design, the HFMs were not isocaloric but the presence of carbohydrate in a HFM invoked an insulin response that significantly reduced the 4 h postprandial triglyceride response even in healthy, normolipidaemic subjects. This phenomenon may have clinical implications, particularly in relation to insulin sensitivity.

Type Journal
ISBN 0014-2972 (Print)
Authors Kriketos, A. D.;Sam, W.;Schubert, T.;Maclean, E.;Campbell, L. V. :
Published Date 2003-01-01
Published Volume 33
Published Issue 5
Published Pages 383-9
Status Published in-print
URL link to publisher's version