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Ski-interacting protein, a bifunctional nuclear receptor coregulator that interacts with N-CoR/SMRT and p300


Ski-interacting protein (SKIP), a vitamin D receptor (VDR) coactivator, also functions as a repressor in Notch signalling in association with the corepressor SMRT. Here we show that SKIP bifunctionally modulates (activates or represses) Retinoid-X receptor (RXR)- and VDR-dependent gene transcription in a cell line-specific manner, with activation in CV-1 and repression in P19 cells. The coactivator function of SKIP in these cells appeared to correlate with the relative level and ratio of expression of N-CoR and p300, with greater SKIP activation in higher p300-expressing and lower N-CoR-expressing cell-lines. C-terminal deletion of SKIP (delta334-536 aa) was associated with strong activation in both CV-1 and P19 cells. The corepressors N-CoR and SMRT and the coregulator p300 interacted with SKIP through the same N-terminal region (1-200 aa). Overall these results suggest that transcriptional action of SKIP may depend on distinct functional domains and cell line-specific interactions with both corepressors and coactivators.

Type Journal
ISBN 0006-291X (Print)
Authors Leong, G. M.;Subramaniam, N.;Issa, L. L.;Barry, J. B.;Kino, T.;Driggers, P. H.;Hayman, M. J.;Eisman, J. A.;Gardiner, E. M. :
Published Date 2004-01-01
Published Volume 315
Published Issue 4
Published Pages 1070-6
Status Published in-print
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