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Emotional behavior in aged neuropeptide Y (NPY) Y2 knockout mice


Neuropeptide Y (NPY) was shown to modulate anxiety- and depression-related behaviors in various animal models. Previous studies demonstrated that NPY Y2 receptor knockout (KO) mice display an anxiolytic- and antidepressant-like phenotype compared with control animals. However, the long-term effect of the deletion of this receptor in aged animals is unknown. Thus, anxiety- and depression-related behaviors were investigated in 2-yr-old NPY Y2 KO mice. Aged NPY Y2 KO mice display an anxiolytic-like profile as assessed in the elevated plus-maze and open field, providing further support for a role for Y2 receptors in anxiety-related behaviors. Furthermore, aged NPY Y2 KO mice have significantly lower immobility scores in the forced swim test; supporting the role for this receptor in antidepressant-like behaviors. These data provide further evidence that modulators of the NPY Y2 receptor subtype are drug targets for the treatment of anxiety and mood disorders in human subjects.

Type Journal
ISBN 0895-8696 (Print)
Authors Carvajal, C.;Dumont, Y.;Herzog, H.;Quirion, R. :
Responsible Garvan Author Prof Herbert Herzog
Published Date 2006-01-01
Published Volume 28
Published Issue 3
Published Pages 239-45
Status Published in-print
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