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A new role for CCR5 in innate immunity--binding to bacterial heat shock protein 70


CCR5 has been associated with adaptive immune responses, because of its expression on effector and memory T cells, and dentric cells. In this issue of the European Journal of Immunology, Whittall et al. identify CCR5 as a receptor that binds bacterial heat shock protein 70 (HSP70). Thus HSP70 may stimulate responses by CCR5+ T cells or dendritic cells, particularly at epithelial surfaces. These findings imply a role for CCR5 in innate immunity, in addition to its more established role as a chemoattractant receptor for adaptive immune responses.

Type Journal
ISBN 0014-2980 (Print)
Authors Mackay, C. R.;Sallusto, F. :
Publisher Name EUR J IMMUNOL
Published Date 2006-01-01 00:00:00
Published Volume 36
Published Issue 9
Published Pages 2293-5
Status Published In-print
OpenAccess Link Mackay EJICCR5 2293.pdf