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Skills acquired on virtual reality laparoscopic simulators transfer into the operating room in a blinded, randomised, controlled trial


Virtual reality surgical simulators have proven value in the acquisition and assessment of laparoscopic skills. In this study, we investigated skill transfer from a virtual reality laparoscopic simulator into the operating room, using a blinded, randomised, controlled trial design. Surgical trainees using the LapSim System performed significantly better at their first real-world attempt at a laparoscopic task than their colleagues who had not received similar training, as measured independently by a number of expert surgical observers using four criteria.

Type Journal
ISBN 0926-9630 (Print)
Authors Cosman, P. H.;Hugh, T. J.;Shearer, C. J.;Merrett, N. D.;Biankin, A. V.;Cartmill, J. A. :
Publisher Name Stud Health Technol Inform
Published Date 2007-01-01
Published Volume 125
Published Pages 76-81
Status Published in-print
URL link to publisher's version