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A novel approach to high definition, high-contrast video capture in abdominal surgery


OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to define the best available option for video capture of surgical procedures for educational and archival purposes, with a view to identifying methods of capturing high-quality footage and identifying common pitfalls. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA: Several options exist for those who wish to record operative surgical techniques on video. While high-end equipment is an unnecessary expense for most surgical units, several techniques are readily available that do not require industrial-grade audiovisual recording facilities, but not all are suited to every surgical application. METHODS: We surveyed and evaluated the available technology for video capture in surgery. Our evaluation included analyses of video resolution, depth of field, contrast, exposure, image stability, and frame composition, as well as considerations of cost, accessibility, utility, feasibility, and economies of scale. RESULTS: Several video capture options were identified, and the strengths and shortcomings of each were catalogued. None of the commercially available options was deemed suitable for high-quality video capture of abdominal surgical procedures. A novel application of off-the-shelf technology was devised to address these issues. CONCLUSIONS: Excellent quality video capture of surgical procedures within deep body cavities is feasible using commonly available equipment and technology, with minimal technical difficulty.

Type Journal
ISBN 0003-4932 (Print)
Authors Cosman, P. H.;Shearer, C. J.;Hugh, T. J.;Biankin, A. V.;Merrett, N. D. :
Published Date 2007-01-01
Published Volume 245
Published Issue 4
Published Pages 533-5
Status Published in-print
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