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Prevalence of metabolic syndrome and its relationship to weight in the Thai population


BACKGROUND: Although the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome (MetS) has been well-documented in Western Caucasian populations, there are few studies in non-Caucasian populations. The objectives of the present study were to estimate the prevalence of MetS and to find an optimal BMI cut-off value for defining obesity in the Thai population. MATERIAL AND METHOD: A sample of 307 men and 295 healthy women aged between 20 and 90 years (average age of 45 years) who came for a health check-up clinic in Khon Kaen, a northeast province of Thailand, were studied. The present study was conducted between 2003 and 2004. The modified ATP III criteria were used to estimate the age-and-sex specific prevalence of MetS, in which a BMI of > or = 27 kg/m(2) for men and 25 kg/m(2) for women were used in place of waist circumference. In the Thai population, these BMI cut-offs were equivalent to a percent body fat of 25% and 35% in men and women respectively. RESULTS: The overall prevalence of MetS was 15%, with no significant differences between men (15.3%) and women (14.6%). In men, the prevalence increased from 9.5% among the 20-39 age group to 24.7% among the 50+ age groups. In women, the respective prevalence was 7% and 29.5%. When BMI was removed from the classification ofMetS, the overall prevalence of ""MetS-without-BMI"" (still defined by the presence of at least 3 abnormalities) in both men and women was 7.8%. However the prevalence of MetS-without-BMI increased with higher BMI levels: among those with BMI < 25, the prevalence was 4.6% in men and 5.0% in women; among those with BMI > or = 25, the prevalence was 13% in men and 16% in women. CONCLUSION: The prevalence of MetS in this semi-rural Thai population was 15%, which is as common as in Caucasian populations. In the Thai population, obesity was a major component of MetS.

Type Journal
ISBN 0125-2208 (Print)
Authors Pongchaiyakul, C.;Nguyen, T. V.;Wanothayaroj, E.;Karusan, N.;Klungboonkrong, V. :
Responsible Garvan Author (missing name)
Publisher Name J Med Assoc Thai
Published Date 2007-01-01
Published Volume 90
Published Issue 3
Published Pages 459-67
Status Published in-print
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