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Lectins used to prepare serum free of glycoprotein hormones for use as a matrix in radioimmunoassay


Hormone-free serum is required for use as a matrix for standards in the radioimmunoassay of hormones. The glycoprotein hormones are difficult to remove from serum by conventional techniques. We exploited the specific binding of carbohydrates by lectins to extract glycoprotein hormones from human serum. Passing serum over Concanavalin A Sepharose efficiently removed lutropin and the beta subunit of choriogonadotropin. Wheat-Germ Lectin Sepharose completely removed these, and also follitropin and thyrotropin. The latter treatment is shown to provide a suitable matrix for standards in radioimmunoassays of the four hormones.

Type Journal
ISBN 0009-9147 (Print)
Authors Stuart, M. C.;Ellis, S.;Gowlland, L.;Tuff, S. :
Published Date 1981-01-01
Published Volume 27
Published Issue 1
Published Pages 52-6
Status Published in-print
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