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An interferon-gamma-producing Th1 subset is the major source of IL-17 in experimental autoimmune encephalitis


ThIL-17 (IL-17+/IFN-gamma-) cell lines are significantly more encephalitogenic than Th1 (IL-17-/IFN-gamma+) cell lines in adoptive transfer EAE models. In actively induced EAE short ex vivo peptide stimulation identifies an IL-17+/IFN-gamma+ population of CD4+ CNS-infiltrating MOG35-55-specific T cells, which outnumber IL-17+/IFN-gamma- cells by approximately 3:1 as disease develops. A decrease in numbers of IL-17+/IFN-gamma+ cells following in vitro culture is accompanied by an increase in IL-17-/IFN-gamma+ cell numbers. Together these ex vivo and in vitro observations imply that the Th1 lineage is more encephalitogenic than is suggested by adoptive transfer of Th1 (IL-17-/IFN-gamma+) cell lines which have been terminally differentiated in vitro.

Type Journal
ISBN 0165-5728 (Print)
Authors Suryani, S.;Sutton, I. :
Published Date 2007-01-01
Published Volume 183
Published Issue 1-2
Published Pages 96-103
Status Published in-print
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