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A monoclonal antibody suitable for the radioimmunoassay of prolactin in human serum


Monoclonal antibodies directed toward human PRL (hPRL) have been produced by fusion of mouse myeloma cells (Sp2/0-Ag 14) with spleen cells from mice immunized with hPRL. Total immunizing doses of 20 microgram and 64 microgram hPRL resulted in the production of three highly specific hPRL antibodies. The high affinity antibody, with a Ka value of 0.23 X 10(10) M-1, was used to establish a RIA highly suitable for the measurement of hPRL levels in human serum. The correlation of serum hPRL levels measured using the antibody and those in a conventional rabbit anti-hPRL assay was 0.99 (y = 1.16 - 7.2). These results demonstrate that using the mouse hybridoma technique, it is possible to produce high affinity monospecific monoclonal antibody suitable for the measurement of hPRL in human serum.

Type Journal
ISBN 0021-972X (Print)
Authors Stuart, M. C.;Underwood, P. A.;Boscato, L. :
Published Date 1982-01-01
Published Volume 54
Published Issue 5
Published Pages 881-4
Status Published in-print
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