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An evaluation of a fluorescence polarization immunoassay of thyroxin and thyroxin-uptake


We evaluated the fluorescence polarization immunoassay for total thyroxin (T4) and thyroxin-uptake (T-U) in the Abbott ""TDx"" Analyzer. Between-assay precision was good when we did once-fortnightly calibration and assayed samples in singleton. Measured T4 concentration was decreased in hemolyzed samples with obvious red coloration and undetectable in severely hemolyzed samples. The T-U assay was unaffected by hemolysis. Unlike the triiodothyronine-uptake methods, the T-U assay utilizes labeled T4 and measures a variable related to serum thyroxin-binding capacity rather than the concentration of unoccupied binding sites in serum. The T4 and T-U values of 422 samples correlated highly with a T4 (in-house) radioimmunoassay and a commercial assay for thyroxin-binding globulin, respectively. The free thyroxin ratio (ratio of T4 to T-U, FTI) correlated highly with free T4 concentration as measured by T4-analog-tracer radioimmunoassay (fT4 analog RIA). FTI and fT4 values were discordant in late pregnancy (normal FTI and low fT4) and euthyroid sick patients (above-normal or normal FTI and low fT4), suggesting that the FTI gives fewer misleading results in these patients.

Type Journal
ISBN 0009-9147 (Print)
Authors Symons, R. G.;Vining, R. F. :
Published Date 1985-01-01
Published Volume 31
Published Issue 8
Published Pages 1342-8
Status Published in-print
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