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2-deoxy-D-glucose metabolism in individual tissues of the rat in vivo


The nature of and rates of loss of products of systemic radiolabelled 2-deoxy-D-glucose in rat tissues in vivo were investigated to validate the use of this tracer to measure rates of metabolism of circulating glucose by tissues in vivo. Apparent first order rate constants for loss of products ranged from 8.0 +/- 0.10 (SD) X 10(-3) min-1 (liver) to 2.2 +/- 0.8 X 10(-3) min-1 (skeletal muscle). 2-deoxyglucose 6-phosphate was the major product found in all tissues examined except liver; all tissues contained other minor products. Products were effectively trapped by rat tissues in vivo allowing the use of this tracer for the measurement of rates of circulating glucose utilisation by tissues in vivo.

Type Journal
ISBN 0020-711X (Print)
Authors Jenkins, A. B.;Furler, S. M.;Kraegen, E. W. :
Responsible Garvan Author Prof Edward Kraegen
Publisher Name Int J Biochem
Published Date 1986-01-01
Published Volume 18
Published Issue 4
Published Pages 311-8
Status Published in-print
URL link to publisher's version