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Structural and functional analysis of nitrogenase genes from the broad-host-range Rhizobium strain ANU240


The genes encoding the structural components of nitrogenase, nifH, nifD and nifK, from the fast-growing, broad-host-range Rhizobium strain ANU240 have been identified and characterized. They are duplicated and linked in an operon nifHDK in both copies. Sequence analysis of the nifH gene from each copy, together with partial sequence analysis of the nifD and nifK genes, and restriction endonuclease analysis suggested that the duplication is precise. Comparison of the Fe-protein sequence from strain ANU240 with that from other nitrogen-fixing organisms revealed that, despite its broad host range and certain physiological properties characteristic of Bradyrhizobium strains, ANU240 is more closely related to the narrow-host-range Rhizobium strains than to the broad-host-range Bradyrhizobium strains. The promoter regions of both copies of the nif genes contain the consensus sequence characteristic of nif promoters, and functional analysis of the two promoters suggested that both nif operons are transcribed in nodules.

Type Journal
ISBN 0378-1119 (Print)
Authors Badenoch-Jones, J.;Holton, T. A.;Morrison, C. M.;Scott, K. F.;Shine, J. :
Responsible Garvan Author Prof John Shine
Publisher Name GENE
Published Date 1989-01-01
Published Volume 77
Published Issue 1
Published Pages 141-53
Status Published in-print
URL link to publisher's version