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Sources of improvement in between laboratory variation in estrogen and progestin receptor measurement using tissue samples during the Australian Quality Assurance Programme


Tissue and cytosol samples were compared as quality control material for assessment of between and within laboratory error in measurement of estrogen and progestin receptors (ER and PR) in a series of four trials for a total of 17 participating laboratories during the Australasian Quality Assurance Programme. For tissue samples, a substantial reduction in between laboratory CVs for both ER and PR from about 90 to 50% was achieved during the programme. In contrast, for cytosol samples a substantially lower between laboratory CV of about 30% was obtained. Tissue sample heterogeneity could be excluded as a major source of variation between laboratories. The likely source of the observed improvement in CV for tissue samples during the trials was due to a reduction of the initial under-estimation of receptor concentration in tissue samples by some of the participants. Although cytosol preparation from tissue samples was shown to be one major source of error, other sources of error such as the receptor assay itself and the associated protein measurements were identified. It is concluded that fragmented tissue samples are essential for a realistic assessment of between laboratory error in receptor measurements in biopsy material such as obtained from clinical breast cancer samples.

Type Journal
ISBN 0277-5379 (Print)
Authors Borjesson, B. W.;Cauchi, M. N.;Compton, P. J.;Elder, P. A.;Foo, T. M.;Gramacho, C.;Hahnel, R.;Harrison, L. C.;Holdaway, I. M.;Horsfall, D. J.;et al. :
Publisher Name Eur J Cancer Clin Oncol
Published Date 1989-01-01
Published Volume 25
Published Issue 7
Published Pages 1087-93
Status Published in-print
URL link to publisher's version