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A polyclonal antiserum against the rabbit progesterone receptor recognizes the human receptor: immunohistochemical localization in rabbit and human uterus


A polyclonal antiserum, raised in guinea pigs immunized with the 116,000 Mr rabbit uterine progesterone receptor (PR), was used to demonstrate immunoreactive PR in frozen fixed sections of rabbit and human uterus. In both species, PR localization was exclusively nuclear. For the rabbit uterus, staining intensity was greatest in the myometrium, followed by endometrial stroma, glands, and luminal epithelium. In premenopausal human endometrium and myometrium there was intense staining of nuclei from proliferative phase glands and myometrium. In the secretory phase the glands failed to stain, yet immunostaining persisted in the myometrium.

Type Journal
ISBN 0263-6484 (Print)
Authors Zaino, R. J.;Feil, P. D.;Clarke, C. L.;Mortel, R.;Satyaswaroop, P. G. :
Published Date 1989-01-01
Published Volume 7
Published Issue 2
Published Pages 147-52
Status Published in-print
URL link to publisher's version