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Secretory patterns of growth hormone according to sex and age


Gender and age have distinct and interrelated effects on GH secretion in adults. GH secretion falls significantly with aging, particularly in women. The fall in GH release is amplitude- rather than frequency-modulated and appears to be related to estrogen status. Oral estrogen administration is unphysiological and causes a marked perturbation of the GH/insulin-like growth factor I axis. A nonparenteral route of administration is required for further investigations of the physiological role of estrogen in GH secretion.

Type Journal
ISBN 0301-0163 (Print)
Authors Ho, K. Y.;Weissberger, A. J. :
Publisher Name Hormone Research in Paediatrics
Published Date 1990-01-01
Published Volume 33 Suppl 4
Published Pages 7-11
Status Published in-print
URL link to publisher's version