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Formation of proline thiohydantoin with ammonium thiocyanate: progress towards a viable C-terminal amino-acid-sequencing procedure


Pure amino acid thiohydantoins are required as reference standards for development of C-terminal-sequencing procedures based on thiohydantoin formation of the C-terminal amino acids of peptides and proteins. Proline thiohydantoin was prepared using a straightforward method involving reaction of acetylproline with ammonium thiocyanate. It was characterized by UV spectrophotometry, mass spectrometry and back-hydrolysis to the free amino acid. These data establish unequivocally that the thiocyanate procedure is applicable to proline as well as to the other common amino acids. This work also validates earlier claims that proline thiohydantoin can be prepared by reaction with thiocyanic acid.

Type Journal
ISBN 0165-022X (Print)
Authors Inglis, A. S.;Duncan, M. W.;Adams, P.;Tseng, A. :
Publisher Name J Biochem Biophys Methods
Published Date 1992-01-01
Published Volume 25
Published Issue 2-3
Published Pages 163-71
Status Published in-print
URL link to publisher's version