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Proteogenomic analysis of Inhibitor of Differentiation 4 (ID4) in basal-like breast cancer
Baker, L. A.; Holliday, H.; Roden, D.; Krisp, C.; Wu, S. Z.; Junankar, S.; Serandour, A. A.; Mohammed, H.; Nair, R.; Sankaranarayanan, G.; Law, A. M. K.; McFarland, A.; Simpson, P. T.; Lakhani, S.; Dodson, E.; Selinger, C.; Anderson, L.; Samimi, G.; Hacker, N. F.; Lim, E.; Ormandy, C. J.; Naylor, M. J.; Simpson, K.; Nikolic, I.; O'Toole, S.; Kaplan, W.; Cowley, M. J.; Carroll, J. S.; Molloy, M.; Swarbrick, A.
BREAST CANCER RES 22 (1) :63, 2021 10.1186/s13058-020-01306-6
Integrative analyses of the RNA modification machinery reveal tissue- and cancer-specific signatures
Begik, O.; Lucas, M. C.; Liu, H.; Ramirez, J. M.; Mattick, J. S.; Novoa, E. M.
GENOME BIOLOGY 21 (1) :97, 2021 10.1186/s13059-020-02009-z
Response to Comment on Samara et al. Metformin Use Is Associated With Slowed Cognitive Decline and Reduced Incident Dementia in Older Adults With Type 2 Diabetes: The Sydney Memory and Ageing Study. Diabetes Care 2020;43:2691-2701
Samaras, K.; Crawford, J. D.; Draper, B.; Trollor, J. N.; Brodaty, H.; Sachdev, P. S.
DIABETES CARE 44 (4) :e74, 2021 10.2337/dci20-0077
The single-cell eQTLGen consortium
van der Wijst, M.; de Vries, D. H.; Groot, H. E.; Trynka, G.; Hon, C. C.; Bonder, M. J.; Stegle, O.; Nawijn, M. C.; Idaghdour, Y.; van der Harst, P.; Ye, C. J.; Powell, J.; Theis, F. J.; Mahfouz, A.; Heinig, M.; Franke, L.
eLife 9 :e52155, 2021 10.7554/eLife.52155
Osteoclasts recycle via osteomorphs during RANKL-stimulated bone resorption
McDonald, M. M.; Khoo, W. H.; Ng, P. Y.; Xiao, Y.; Zamerli, J.; Thatcher, P.; Kyaw, W.; Pathmanandavel, K.; Grootveld, A. K.; Moran, I.; Butt, D.; Nguyen, A.; Corr, A.; Warren, S.; Biro, M.; Butterfield, N. C.; Guilfoyle, S. E.; Komla-Ebri, D.; Dack, M. R. G.; Dewhurst, H. F.; Logan, J. G.; Li, Y.; Mohanty, S. T.; Byrne, N.; Terry, R. L.; Simic, M. K.; Chai, R.; Quinn, J. M. W.; Youlten, S. E.; Pettitt, J. A.; Abi-Hanna, D.; Jain, R.; Weninger, W.; Lundberg, M.; Sun, S.; Ebetino, F. H.; Timpson, P.; Lee, W. M.; Baldock, P. A.; Rogers, M. J.; Brink, R.; Williams, G. R.; Bassett, J. H. D.; Kemp, J. P.; Pavlos, N. J.; Croucher, P. I.; Phan, T. G.
CELL 184 (5) :1330-1347 e13, 2021 10.1016/j.cell.2021.02.002
Repair abilities of mouse autologous adipose-derived stem cells and ShakeGel3D complex local injection with intrauterine adhesion by BMP7-Smad5 signaling pathway activation
Zhao, Y. X.; Chen, S. R.; Huang, Q. Y.; Chen, W. C.; Xia, T.; Shi, Y. C.; Gao, H. Z.; Shi, Q. Y.; Lin, S.
Stem Cell Research & Therapy 12 (1) :191, 2021 10.1186/s13287-021-02258-0
Autoantibody-Negative Type 1 Diabetes: A Neglected Subtype
Patel, S. K.; Ma, C. S.; Fourlanos, S.; Greenfield, J. R.
TRENDS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY AND METABOLISM 2021 10.1016/j.tem.2021.02.001
Association between vitamin D deficiency and exercise capacity in patients with CKD, a cross-sectional analysis
Watson, E. L.; Wilkinson, T. J.; O'Sullivan, T. F.; Baker, L. A.; Gould, D. W.; Xenophontos, S.; Graham-Brown, M.; Major, R.; Jenkinson, C.; Hewison, M.; Philp, A.; Smith, A. C.
JOURNAL OF STEROID BIOCHEMISTRY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 210 :105861, 2021 10.1016/j.jsbmb.2021.105861
Mitochondrial hydrogen sulfide supplementation improves health in the C. elegans Duchenne muscular dystrophy model
Ellwood, R. A.; Hewitt, J. E.; Torregrossa, R.; Philp, A. M.; Hardee, J. P.; Hughes, S.; van de Klashorst, D.; Gharahdaghi, N.; Anupom, T.; Slade, L.; Deane, C. S.; Cooke, M.; Etheridge, T.; Piasecki, M.; Antebi, A.; Lynch, G. S.; Philp, A.; Vanapalli, S. A.; Whiteman, M.; Szewczyk, N. J.
NPY promotes macrophage migration by upregulating matrix metalloproteinase-8 expression
Wu, W.; Peng, S.; Shi, Y.; Li, L.; Song, Z.; Lin, S.
JOURNAL OF CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY 236 (3) :1903-1912, 2021 10.1002/jcp.29973
Assessing the clinical utility of genetic profiling in fracture risk prediction: a decision curve analysis
Ho-Le, T. P.; Tran, H. T. T.; Center, J. R.; Eisman, J. A.; Nguyen, H. T.; Nguyen, T. V.
OSTEOPOROSIS INTERNATIONAL 32 (2) :271-280, 2021 10.1007/s00198-020-05403-2
Somatic reversion of pathogenic DOCK8 variants alters lymphocyte differentiation and function to effectively cure DOCK8 deficiency
Pillay, Bethany A.; Fusaro, Mathieu; Gray, Paul E.; Statham, Aaron L.; Burnett, Leslie; Bezrodnik, Liliana; Kane, Alisa; Tong, Winnie; Abdo, Chrystelle; Winter, Sarah; Chevalier, Samuel; Levy, Romain; Masson, Cecile; Schmitt, Yohann; Bole, Christine; Malphettes, Marion; Macintyre, Elizabeth; De Villartay, Jean-Pierre; Ziegler, John B.; Smart, Joanne M.; Peake, Jane; Aghamohammadi, Asghar; Hammarstrom, Lennart; Abolhassani, Hassan; Picard, Capucine; Fischer, Alain; Latour, Sylvain; Neven, Benedicte; Tangye, Stuart G.; Ma, Cindy S.
Influence of sex and fiber type on the satellite cell pool in human skeletal muscle
Horwath, O.; Moberg, M.; Larsen, F. J.; Philp, A.; Apro, W.; Ekblom, B.
SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINE & SCIENCE IN SPORTS 31 (2) :303-312, 2021 10.1111/sms.13848
Social media usage in family communication about genetic information: ‘I no longer speak with my sister but she needed to know’
Leighton, Sarah; Forrest, Laura E.; Young, Mary-Anne; Delatycki, Martin B.; Lynch, Elly
Journal of Genetic Counseling 30 (1) :180-190, 2021 10.1002/jgc4.1307
Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells as a Therapeutic Target for Cancer
Law, A. M. K.; Valdes-Mora, F.; Gallego-Ortega, D.
Cells 9 (3) 2021 10.3390/cells9030561