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Scientific services

Providing world-leading scientific services and facilities to researchers.

Hand with a blue glove holding a pipetting drip.

Animal imaging

Providing state-of-the-art in vivo imaging, including microcomputed tomography scanning, fluorescent and bioluminescent imaging, and intravital microscopes.

Animal research

World class facilities to support the research of disease in vivo.

Clinical research facility

Supporting the translation of scientific advances into clinical practice.

Dynamic biomaterials analysis and biomechanical profiling

Providing fast, efficient and real time assessments of the biomechanical properties of biological samples.

Flow cytometry and cellular genomics services

Supporting internal and external researchers with expert services in flow cytometry, cellular genomics and spatial profiling.

Genome editing: mouse engineering Garvan/ABR (MEGA)

An integrated service that quickly and economically generates genetically modified mice for the research community.


Providing high quality histology services to internal and external researchers.


Providing researchers with a broad range of imaging techniques, analysis software and service options to assist with their research.

Molecular genetics: Cell line identification

Providing high quality, rapid and standardised authentication of human cell lines to researchers at Garvan and beyond

Molecular genetics: DNA/RNA extraction

Offering high and low throughput nucleic acid extraction services to Garvan researchers and external clients.

Molecular genetics: mouse genotyping

Delivering excellence in rodent genotyping to researchers nationally

Molecular genetics: Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis

Providing capillary sequencing and fragment separation services to the research community

My Research results

Connecting researchers, research participants and genetic support services for better health outcomes.

Tissue culture facility

A fully equipped unit supporting researchers performing tissue culture experiments.

Garvan sequencing platform

Accredited and scalable short and long read sequencing of DNA and RNA, tailored to meet the needs of researchers worldwide

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