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Dynamic Biomaterials Analysis and Biomechanical Profiling

Providing fast, efficient and real-time assessments of the biomechanical properties of biological samples

Over the past decade, scientists have become increasingly interested in measuring the real-time physical properties (stiffness) of tissues, to investigate the role of tissue mechanics in both health and disease. Using combined shear rheology and DMA (Dynamic Materials Analysis), our DHR3 can biomechanically profile living samples ranging from customised in vitro hydrogels, patient-specific organotypic platforms and cell-derived matrices, and 3D cellular encapsulation platforms. It can also profile tissue and organ stiffness in biopsies from in vivo models of cancer, as well as patient material.

Our services

We offer the following services to Garvan researchers and external clients:

  • Shear Rheology (elastic and storage moduli [G’, G’’ and tan ∂])
  • Linear Dynamic Materials Analysis (compression testing)
  • 4mm to 25mm diameter sample range
  • Creep and recovery testing

How to access our services

To access our services, please contact us to discuss your project needs.

For smaller projects, we can run your samples for you on a collaborative basis. For larger projects, we offer training so that you can run your samples independently. We can also run samples on a fee-for-service basis. Please contact us to request a quote.

To check machine availability, please visit the Garvan Booking System.

Receiving your results

Depending on the nature of your project and the level of service you choose, you will receive your raw data shortly after running your samples. We can offer basic training on data analysis and interrogation for those wishing to carry out their own analysis. If you require our team to analyse your samples, analysed data will be emailed to you within a few days.

For further information about our services or to discuss your research requirements, please contact Associate Professor Thomas Cox.

Contact us

Contact us