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Flow Cytometry and Cellular Genomics Services

Supporting internal and external researchers with expert services in flow cytometry, cellular genomics and spatial profiling

We integrate flow cytometry and single-cell- and spatial profiling research services. We leverage state-of-the-art technology to support researchers, clinicians and industry partners in their mission to improve disease outcomes.

With over twenty years’ experience, our highly qualified staff work in purpose-built labs, to provide world-class, end-to-end services with a focus on quality and throughput.

Our Services and Technology

The Flow Core provides quality cytometry services and expert consultation. The Flow Core continuously expands its technological capabilities, to better support internal and external researchers with single-cell sorting technologies and multi-parametric flow cytometry services.

Cell-sorting suite

The Flow Core has three Becton Dickinson (BD) cell sorters (Aria IIu and Aria III x 2), which have the capacity to sort cell populations in bulk, down to single cells in 384-well plates. These instruments are housed within certified ClassII Biosafety hoods in a PC2 certified space, enabling researchers to sort samples derived from human origin in addition to samples of animal origin, where appropriate biosafety protocols have been approved.

We have the capability to sort into numerous collection vessels including: 15 ml tubes, 5 ml FACS tubes, 1.5 ml Eppendorf tubes, 12-wells up to 384-wells PCR/culture plates. All our sorters are optimised to use 70 um and 100 um nozzles, depending on the size of your cells. We also have access to 85um and 130um nozzles.

Cell-sorting instruments are bookable via the Garvan Booking System for precinct researchers. For external researchers please contact us at our email below. Our services include set-up and operation of the instruments by our experienced sort operators.

If you would like access to our sorter instruments or have any questions about our service capabilities, please contact us at:

Instrument specifications:

Flow cytometry analyser suite

We have a range of flow cytometry analyser instruments from Becton Dickinson (BD) and Beckman Coulter, as listed below. These instruments are bookable via the online Garvan Booking System.

These instruments are user operated. To gain access to these instruments, you must be trained by a flow operator. Please contact the flow team to request access.

Instrument specifications:

High dimensional flow analysis

The BD FACSymphony A5 has the capacity to analyse high-dimensional panels (currently up to 28 fluorescent parameters). For information regarding the FACSymphony, please contact the flow team.

Instrument specifications:

FlowJo site licence

The Flow Core also provides site licences for accessing the latest version of FlowJo at cost. Site licences are available to users within the Research Precinct and can be obtained by completing this online form.


The Flow Facility houses a 3D printer and a laser cutter, for simple development and prototyping purposes. To utilise these systems, please contact the flow team.

Instrument specifications:

• 3D printer (3DGence Medical: One)

• Laser cutter/etching (Universal Laser Systems: VLS3.50 Desktop)

Our Cellular Genomics service provides end-to-end services utilising the leading  single cell and spatial profiling platforms. With extensive expertise in the field, we work collaboratively with research and commercial partners to ensure the best outcomes for bespoke projects of varying scale.

Cellular Genomics Technology Platforms

  • 10X Genomics Chromium X workflows - single-cell gene expression, fixed RNA profiling (Flex), single cell ATAC, single cell immune profiling and single cell multiome (gene expression + ATAC)
  • 10X Genomics Visium workflows - spatial gene expression for FFPE (CytAssist) and spatial gene expression for Fresh Frozen
  • 10X Genomics Xenium - in-situ sub-cellular RNA mapping
  • 10X Genomics Chromium Connect automated platform - automated and modular workflows
  • MissionBio Tapestri workflows - single cell DNA (targeted SNV/CNV detection + protein)

Additional services

We work with Garvan’s other Platforms to seamlessly integrate the sequencing (short-read and long-read) and data delivery of your cellular genomics projects.

Cell hashing - Sample pooling to reduce project costs using oligo-tagged antibodies with different barcodes to uniquely label cells from distinct samples.

We also have the expertise to offer other technologies and workflows not listed above to tailor an approach to your research requirements. Please contact us at ( for an initial consultation.

We kindly request that you submit your project details via our online Project submission form to allow us to best coordinate the logistics of your project. 

Due to the bespoke nature and varying scope and scale of projects handled within the Platform, please contact us directly to provide an accurate quote for our services. We work closely with our commercial partners to ensure our range of services are competitively priced.

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