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Tissue Culture Facility

A fully-equipped unit supporting researchers performing tissue culture experiments

The Tissue Culture Facility is a centralised unit located at The Kinghorn Cancer Centre (TKCC) that provides a secure, clean and fully equipped area in which to perform experiments requiring eukaryotic tissue culture. 

The TCF stocks all reagents and consumables required to complete eukaryotic tissue culture including serum.


  • 17 class II biohazard hoods, including Quarantine and Primary culture

  • 25 CO2 incubators, allocated by need and maintained by the users 

  • Walk-in cool-room with individual storage drawers 

  • Freezer storage at -20°C and -80°C 

All temperature sensitive major equipment, with the exception of the biohazard hoods, is electronically monitored by the Garvan engineering department: 

  • 37°C warming ovens 

  • variable temperature water-baths 

  • low speed centrifuges, microfuges and minifuges 

  • in house vacuum 

  • brightfield and fluorescent microscopes, some with cameras 

  • Countess3 cell counter, haemocytometers. 

Consumables provided in the tissue culture suite

  • Basic culture media including DMEM, RPMI, DMEM/F12, Waymouths, 199 

  • Sterile PBS 

  • Antibiotics 

  • Trypsin/EDTA 

  • Tissue culture flasks, plates and dishes in a range of sizes 

  • Sterile tubes, pipettes and plugged tips 

  • Syringes, needles and filters 

  • Vacuum filter units 

  • Miscellaneous consumables e.g. parafilm, scalpels, cell scrapers 

  • PPE – gowns/lab coats and gloves 

  • Batch tested serum 



02 9533 8536