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Strategic research programs

Driving discovery research in core areas of health and disease.

Revolutionising healthcare through our distinctive strengths and world-class expertise

At Garvan, our overarching goal is to achieve impact through research. We seek to make a real difference by creating a healthier future for everyone.

To support this vision, we leverage our globally distinctive strengths to solve intractable scientific and clinical challenges in core areas of research. Our strategic programs bring together research expertise and cutting-edge technologies from across Garvan, along with clinical, industry and consumer partners. Each of our programs focuses on an area of science where Garvan has unique strengths and critical mass. By actively taking research discoveries from the lab to the clinic, our programs strive to improve health and change the lives of individuals and their families and communities.

  • Cancer Plasticity and Dormancy

    Developing new treatment paradigms to overcome treatment resistance in cancer.

  • Cancer Ecosystems

    Employing the latest molecular techniques to understand the biological systems that facilitate cancer growth.

  • Genomics and Inherited Disease

    Harnessing genomics to accelerate the diagnosis and treatment of inherited disease.

  • Immune Biotherapies

    Harnessing the power of mammalian and bacterial immune targeting systems to develop new therapies and better understand the immune system.

  • Precision Immunology

    Aiming to transform the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the immune system.

  • Illustration of a strand of DNA
    Translational Genomics

    Unpacking disease through the cell and the genome.

  • Translational Oncology

    Supporting the translation of scientific breakthroughs into clinical applications, transforming cancer therapy and improving patient outcomes.