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Cancer Ecosystems Program

Targeting the tumour microenvironment to develop new cancer drugs and diagnostic tests.

Program Directors

Cancer doesn't develop in isolation. Cancer cells interact closely with the surrounding microenvironment to create a dynamic ecosystem of tumour, immune, and other cells. This ecosystem has the power to make or break a cancer by sending signals that support tumour growth and spread, by protecting the cancer from therapeutic agents or by suppressing the local immune response.

Our team is using the most advanced technological methods in imaging and cellular genomics to transform our understanding of where tumours live and how they grow, allowing us to develop and implement new tests and treatments that can make a difference for cancer patients. Our focus areas are cancers of the breast, prostate, and pancreas.

We work with the Garvan Centre for Targeted Therapy, Garvan Centre for Diagnostics, and industry partners to develop new tests and treatments, which can be clinically implemented via our partnerships with St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, The Chris O'Brien Lifehouse, New South Wales Early Phase Clinical Trials Alliance, and others.

Our goal is to translate our Program’s discoveries in tumours and the cancer microenvironment into tomorrow’s cancer drugs and diagnostics.