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Translational Oncology Program

Integrating Garvan’s breakthrough research with St Vincent’s Hospital’s world-class cancer care to transform therapies and improve patient outcomes.

Program Directors

Eighteen million people globally were diagnosed with cancer in 2020, and 10 million people globally died from cancer in 2020 (which is more than one-third of Australia’s population). Cancer diagnoses are predicted to increase to 30 million by 2040.

The biggest contributor to cancer deaths is advanced-stage cancers that have metastasised to other organs in the body. At that stage of disease progression, there are few, if any, effective treatments. Clinical treatment resistance is a global challenge requiring new effective strategies, based on precision medicine principles.

The Kinghorn Cancer Centre brings together an integrated team of leading cancer researchers with expert clinical oncologists and compassionate care. This enables the real time translation of research derived discoveries into clinical implementation via novel (phase 1) trials and patient centric scientific endeavours.  

The Translational Oncology Program aims to increase access to novel treatments for patients based on precision medicine principles, understand the basis of treatment response and failure to the latest clinically used treatments (including immunotherapies and combination drugs), and build a more effective system for translation of conceptual advances into trials to improve outcomes for patients and their families.