Without medical research, there is no solution to infectious diseases like coronavirus.

Your donation will help fund this life-saving research.

Our researchers responded immediately to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are driving or collaborating on projects locally and globally to develop new ways to treat and prevent infection. This includes:

  • Engineering antibodies for COVID-19 protection and therapy
  • Tracing coronavirus evolution
  • Developing tests to predict COVID-19 infection severity.

We need your support to get this urgent work done and help protect those most at risk.

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Your donation directly supports Garvan's COVID-19 projects.

Right now we are developing targeted interventions to stop severe COVID-19 through our antibody, immunology and genomics research. We've fast-tracked four research programs targeting COVID-19.

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Garvan's COVID-19 research

Garvan is using its expertise in antibodies and genomics to do three things:

  • To try and stop the spread of COVID-19 infection
  • To stop people that are infected needing to be hospitalised, or placed in ICU
  • And ultimately: to decrease the mortality rate of COVID-19.

Our approach involves multiple avenues — because there will be more than one answer.

We're investigating genetically engineered antibodies, and undertaking multiple immune genomic analyses. This genomics focus helps us trace the evolution & changes of the virus, and uncover which genes are key for protection and which are indicated for severe COVID-19 symptoms.

A fast-track way to reduce the number of COVID-19 patients needing ICU is to create targeted antibodies in the lab.

These human monoclonal antibodies are hundreds of times more efficacious than standard chemical drugs. Their success rate is higher; they can also be produced at scale and quickly tested for safety. And: they provide immediate immunity for a period of time.

These antibodies bypass the need for a vaccine and could be given to provide immediate immunity, both as treatment and prevention, to at-risk individuals.  We are now optimising these antibodies, then we 'll move to clinical trials.