What's in your DNA that makes you special?

Taking care of future generations is in our DNA.

It's a farsighted outlook on life: we all want the next generation to live happier & healthier lives. It’s why we work hard and try to stay healthy: to make a better world for everyone, including our friends and families.

It’s why our dedicated team at Garvan are working so hard to build a future where everyone can enjoy longer, healthier lives. Our purpose is to make discoveries to predict, prevent and treat disease so that people can live without suffering and enjoy life to the fullest. 

We hope that taking care of future generations is also in your DNA.

Help us transform the health & wellbeing of future generations

At Garvan, we have 70 research groups working on over 50 diseases. The progress they make every day is incredible, and we want to ensure this life-saving research continues.

A guaranteed way to support our research is by leaving a gift in your Will to Garvan

Your loved ones will always come first, we understand that. All that we ask is that, after you have made provision for them in your Will, you consider a gift to support Garvan’s life-saving work. Whatever you can give, however big or small, will be used to change lives.

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“I decided to become a Garvan Partner for the Future as a tribute to my brother.”

"Me and my big brother Peter were always close. We were both diagnosed with prostate cancer. I was diagnosed early and was eligible for radioactive brachytherapy seed implants, which have kept my cancer in check. Peter wasn’t as lucky; his cancer was advanced by the time it was detected.

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- Terry Gallagher, Garvan Partner for the Future


William Walker

William is a passionate supporter and recently reached an important milestone: his 103rd birthday! “Statistics show that people are living longer, thanks to medical research. By remembering Garvan in my Will, I feel I am making a contribution to the increasing longevity of my fellow man.”

Gabriel and Joan Farago

Gabriel and Joan Farago

“We asked ourselves, what could possibly be more important than supporting cutting-edge medical research which will benefit generations to come? The answer was obvious and we became Garvan bequestors.”
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You can be a part of the transformation of health and wellbeing for everyone

Through our research, we’re determined to discover ways to better predict, diagnose, treat and one day prevent a range of life-limiting diseases, such as; cancer, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, and Parkinson’s.

A bequest to Garvan in your Will is a guaranteed way to ensure our important research will continue to benefit future generations. 

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Have you already left a bequest to Garvan?

If you have already left a gift in your Will to Garvan, we’d welcome the opportunity to thank you personally. We’d also like to reassure you that we will always protect your privacy and respect how you prefer to hear from us and about our progress. Please use this form let us know you have already left a gift to Garvan.