How DreamLab supports our researchers

The more we learn about cancer at the genetic level, the more we understand that each person’s disease is unique. In fact, this genetic complexity is one of the most challenging aspects of understanding cancer and developing therapies.

The problem: a virtual tsunami of information

Huge advances in DNA sequencing technology have enabled rapid sequencing of cancer genomes, creating a virtual tsunami of genetic information. One way of processing this information is to run computer-based simulations to model the genetic networks in cancer and find common ‘signatures’ among patients.

These signatures will help us understand how different patients respond differently to various drugs, help us predict which patients will benefit, and help us find completely new strategies for treating cancer.

However, we are limited by the huge computing power required to run this simulation process.

The solution: smartphones

The DreamLab app can help researchers find a new way to select the best drug for an individual cancer patient. We developed a novel computational method to solve this problem, which could be used to subtype cancer patients and help find the optimal therapy.

DreamLab provides a unique opportunity for us to finish the analysis using millions of smartphones. The whole analysis will be split into millions of tiny tasks, which will be distributed to your smartphone and processed while you sleep.

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DreamLab supporters

 We are grateful to the following organisations for their support of the DreamLab project.


Vodafone Foundation

DreamLab is powered by Vodafone, with Vodafone Foundation supporting Garvan’s research with grant funding for three years.




The DreamLab app was built by the clever team at b2cloud.


Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services are generously powering the DreamLab server.