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Fundraise for us

You can make a big difference to medical research by fundraising for Garvan. Start your own event or celebration, fundraise at work or school, or just get fit and have fun! There’s many ways you can help us make vital medical breakthroughs.


Choose your fundraising style


Host your own fundraising event and help raise crucial funds for the Garvan Institute. Whether you prefer BBQs, bakesales, morning teas or barefoot bowls, we can help you get started.


Work on your health and fitness and support crucial medical research. Take an active challenge with your friends or colleagues and you’ll make a difference to the health of all Australians.


Commemorate an anniversary, birthday, graduation or other special occasion. Ask for donations instead of gifts and your special day will help improve the future health of others.


Honour a loved one and help raise funds through a personalised memorial page. We can help you create a special tribute that also helps important medical research.


Need fundraising ideas for school or your workplace? Be a hero and have some fun at the same time. We’ve made it easy to get started, and you’ll be helping us make medical breakthroughs.


The mission of the Lions Kids Cancer Genome Project (Genome Power) is to sequence the genomes from 400 kids with high risk, aggressive cancers. Start fundraising for this important research today.

How funds raised help make a difference

Fundraising stories

“This was a personal journey that started with our dad — who we greatly miss.” 

Brian Watson was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer in 2013. His family discovered that little is known about treating pancreatic cancer, and that survival rates are alarmingly low. So they signed up for the City2Surf to raise much-needed funds for Garvan’s research.

Sadly, two days after the race and eleven months after his diagnosis, Brian passed away. Thanks to the generosity of their friends and family, the Watsons were able to raise over $30,000 in his memory.

In 2010, the Rizzo family raised $2,000 at a breast cancer fundraiser on their back verandah. Sisters Santina, Marina and Grace, and Grace’s daughter Yasmina never imagined that two years later they’d raise a further $10,000.

“Suddenly, these events took on a whole new meaning. It was now very real to us”. 

The events took on a new meaning in 2014 when both Grace and their cousin Aurora were diagnosed with breast cancer. For their 2016 fundraiser, they decided to donate the proceeds to Garvan. And it was bigger than ever – with 500 people and two events, the Rizzo family raised an amazing $43,000.

Useful resources

Fundraising guide
A handy fundraising guide to help get you started.
Proposal to raise funds
If you’re raising funds offline, you’ll need to send us a completed Proposal to Raise Funds form.

More information

If you have a fundraising question, want to run your idea by someone, or simply want to find out more, get in touch. You can view our fundraising FAQs or contact our community fundraising team below.

Phone: 1300 73 66 77