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Philanthropy has helped facilitate some of Garvan’s most remarkable achievements.

2 major donors at garvan event in building

The impact of philanthropy

Philanthropic gifts are integral in directly supporting Garvan’s breakthrough medical research. Generous philanthropic investment from our community, the Garvan family, is transformative and enables our researchers to strive, every day, to create a future where everyone lives longer, healthier lives.

When you make a gift to Garvan, your generosity is fast-tracking ground-breaking scientific discovery and ensuring stability of essential resources that our researchers need to advance their innovative work. Your thoughtfulness makes a huge difference and is life-changing.

As a private ancillary fund, trust, foundation, individual, family or group, your philanthropic investment will help Garvan’s scientists transform medical research and human health in Australia and beyond.

You may support a specific area of medical research that is meaningful to you, or direct your gift to where it is needed most.

Thank you so much for funding our research. Thank you for supporting us to do what we do best. And thank you for helping us make a big improvement to people’s lives.
Jodie Ingles
Associate Professor Jodie Ingles
The support and philanthropic investment of our Garvan family is critical for the innovative research at the Garvan Institute. It is because of you that our talented, passionate scientists are able to investigate a wide range of diseases having the biggest impact on our community to make discoveries that will improve our understanding, diagnosis and treatment of many of the major diseases that impact our community, our family, our loved ones.
Ms Mara-Jean Tilley, Director, Garvan Research Foundation

Recognition for investing in our world-leading research may include:

  • Private lab tours and exclusive access to researchers
  • Research updates and written research reports
  • Face-to-face updates with researchers
  • Acknowledgement in Garvan’s Annual Report and Honour Board
  • Promotion and recognition in Garvan’s Breakthrough Newsletter
  • Invitations to exclusive Garvan events
  • Naming rights opportunities available

To discuss your philanthropic investment in Garvan’s research, please contact the Philanthropy team on (02) 9295 8526 or email