Individual supporters

Individual supporters

Our individual supporters each have different motivations to give. But what they all have in common is the difference they make to our research through their generosity.

John and Megan Wade 

“By partnering with Garvan we’re contributing to the greater good of our community.”

John and Megan believe that each medical research finding is vital for improving our quality of life. This is why they’ve supported immunology research for more than 20 years.

Over that time they’ve seen first-hand the dedication of Garvan researchers – dedication that has led to progress in solving the many mysteries of autoimmune disease. They hope their continued support and the rapid advancement of genomics will unravel these mysteries even further.

The Rizzo Family 

 “Suddenly, these events took on a whole new meaning. It was now very real to us.”

In 2010, the Rizzo family raised $2,000 at a breast cancer fundraiser on their back verandah. Sisters Santina, Marina and Grace, and Grace’s daughter Yasmina never imagined that at their next event just two years later, they would raise $10,000.

Then in 2014, both Grace and their cousin Aurora were diagnosed with breast cancer. For their next event, the Rizzos decided to donate the proceeds to Garvan. And it was bigger than ever – with 500 people and two events, they raised an amazing $43,000.

John and Bloom de Largie Dálton 

“We both felt this was the right thing to do, especially since we have everything we need.”

Instead of giving gifts for their wedding, John and Bloom de Largie Dálton asked their guests to donate to Garvan’s cancer research centre. Bloom had recently been diagnosed with cancer, so donating to medical research was a meaningful way to celebrate their marriage.

When deciding who to give the money to they immediately thought of Garvan. Thanks to the generosity of their guests, John and Bloom raised over $3,400. 

John D Head   

 "I don't miss the small amounts of money each month, compared to a large donation at tax time."

While travelling the world, John realised how fortunate Australians are – government grants and generous donors mean we have access to amazing clinicians and facilities. After hearing about Garvan’s work, John signed up as a regular giver in 1998.

John prefers giving regular donations throughout the year instead of a large lump sum at tax time. Regular donations are vital – they allow us to plan for projects and core facilities that aren’t covered by government grants.

Christina and Trevor Kennedy 

 “It is exciting to feel involved in such an incredible challenge.”

Christina and Trevor have a long relationship with Garvan and are passionate about helping people with chronic conditions that impact everyday lives – such as hearing loss. As Garvan Life Governors Christina and Trevor’s most recent gift has enabled the hearing loss group to test a potential method for restoring hearing with stem cells.

Christina and Trevor are hopeful this research will play a key role in restoring the hearing of people in Australia and around the world.