Trusts and foundations

Trusts and foundations

Gifts from private trusts and foundations have allowed us to pursue novel questions and groundbreaking research into a range of diseases that would not have been funded via traditional granting bodies. With their support, the potential for the treatment, prevention and cure of these diseases is much more attainable.

Girgensohn Foundation 

Through their private ancillary fund, Dr Thomas Girgensohn and Mrs Ingeborg Girgensohn currently support an innovative cancer research project which aims to uncover the molecular mechanisms cancer cells use to ‘outsmart’ targeted anti-cancer therapies and develop drug resistance.

In addition, they have generously committed to the ongoing sustainability of our work, leaving a legacy to Garvan as Partners for the Future. As they acknowledge: beating cancer will be an incremental process that may continue for generations to come. Their generosity however will help ensure researchers can continue to make discoveries that will outlive us all.  

“The dream would be to beat all cancers in all people. It seems utopian but we hope our contribution will help Garvan along this path.” 

Mostyn Family Foundation 

The Mostyn family have supported Garvan since 1993 through their corporation, the Craig Mostyn Group. More recently in 2011, brothers Richard, Andrew and Robert helped their father Bob establish the Mostyn Family Foundation, a Private Ancillary Fund, to channel more support to causes the family was passionate about.

They meet four times a year to discuss the Foundation’s work and nominate charities to support. Since 2012 the Foundation has provided seed funding for innovative Garvan research projects, such as investigating how a well-known survival protein drives the spread of breast cancer.

 “We set up the Mostyn Family Foundation with the aim of supporting medical research.”