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Garvan scientists have uncovered a promising new approach to treating pancreatic cancer, by targeting the tissue around the tumour to make it
'softer' and more responsive to chemotherapy. 


Type 2 diabetes
Our team discovered that abdominal fat is a key risk factor for insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes.


Garvan scientists discovered a group of cells believed to trigger autoimmune disease, as well as the molecular 'trigger guard' that normally holds them in check.

Osteoporosis & Bone Biology
Garvan teams made the discovery that the brain hormone, Neuropeptide Y (NPY) regulates bone growth and density. The joint project could lead to the development of new treatments for osteoporosis.


The team has developed methods to culture adult nerve stem cells capable of generating new brain cells, giving hope that some neurodegenerative diseases could be reversed.


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