The Connie Johnson Lab

Samuel and Connie Johnson’s Love Your Sister campaign, formed after Connie’s terminal breast cancer diagnosis, mobilised communities across Australia and set a world record for the longest distance travelled on a unicycle.

Their incredible efforts raised more than $2 million for breast cancer research, spread Connie’s message of breast awareness and mobilised women around the country.

Not content to stop at that, Connie and Sam have continued to apply their passion to raising awareness of breast cancer and raising funds for Garvan’s research and have been incredible advocates for our work for the past five years.

Funds raised by Love Your Sister support Garvan’s breast cancer research through the Connie Johnson Lab in Breast Cancer Research. 

Connie and Sam’s tenacity, passion and advocacy, as well as the generous support of the Love Your Sister community have collectively helped to raise over $3 million for Garvan’s research, and for that we are incredibly grateful.

Connie Johnson

Connie’s legacy will be ongoing and far-reaching, helping our researchers find better ways to treat breast cancer and reduce the number of lives lost to this prolific disease.


The Garvan Institute of Medical Research honours Connie’s memory and we offer our deepest sympathies to Connie’s family and friends.

Connie Johnson & Garvan

The Connie Johnson Lab in Breast Cancer Research 

The inaugural recipient of the award was Dr Elgene Lim, Principal Research Fellow in the Genomic Cancer Medicine Laboratory at Garvan. Dr Lim and his team are studying ways to sensitise breast cancer cells to novel therapies using tissue samples donated by patients. By better understanding the unique biology of individual tumours, his team are able to discover more effective ways to treat them.

You can support Dr Lim’s vital work by donating to Garvan.

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